We suggest reading the following carefully before contacting us for availability and reservations:

On Wild Land with Creek Swimming: The forested land and lovely footpaths of Flowing Waters are natural with only minimal “improvements”.  The creek areas and pure water swimming hole with its huge boulders changes each year with the rains.  Guests should be mindful that they are on wild land.

Taking good care of Children: children are by management permission only.  We love kids and believe the adage, “No child left indoors.” However, our gorgeous deep natural pools and creek can  be fierce and dangerous! The creek is not fenced, is rocky, slippery with steep overlooks. There could be too much risk for kids. Please call us so we can check on creek conditions at that season. All Children of all ages must be supervised in outdoor play especially around the water. We  may be able to help you try to find a safer location within walking distance.

A Quieter Place: Flowing Waters offers the sweet sound of the creek music through out the land and houses.  If your group is not renting the entire facility, any outdoor sounds, including drumming or music, must be soft if there are other guests in residence.

Internet/Cell Coverage: Flowing Waters offers you and your group an opportunity to unplug and be with each other or with your Self.  Please ask us about possible internet.  Cell coverage is spotty on the property, but available within a short walk.  We offer a time for you to connect to a deeper part of yourself and have lovely outdoor spaces for your reflection and creativity.

Green Living: All cleaning, gardening, and other supplies are at the highest level of Health and Earth Friendliness.  For groups at Namaste House only: closer guests may receive a Green Living refund of $15 per person for bringing own sheets and towels. Pillows, mattress pads, blankets, cloth napkins, healthy kitchen cooking ware and utensils are all provided. Guests practice recycling, composting, and there are some clothes lines.

Fires, Sweat lodges, and Smudging: We are in a California cedar and pine forest. Due to current extreme forest fire risk, there are no fires of any kind during the warm months including: candles, outdoor smudging, or other fires. Many groups now bring “click on” candles. In the colder seasons there is a cozy woodstove at Namaste House.  Smudging is allowed inside. Stewart Mineral Spring, within a 15 min. walk, has had a weekly sweat lodge, guided by local Native Americans, for donation.

Pets: Because so many guests are allergic to pets, our animal friends can not be inside at any Retreat buildings, but with good supervision, might be able to be on the grounds. Please call us about special arrangements for pets.

Lodging Before or After at Namaste House: As a courtesy to Retreat Guides and helpers, it may be possible, if staying at Namaste House, to arrive a night before or stay later at specially reduced rates.  This is a restful way to “tune in” and be there before your retreat if you are new to Flowing Waters.

The Orientation: 
Group Retreats: This fun! informative orientation is required for all guests. It’s also complimentary and will help your retreat go more smoothly, covering house practicalities, security, our 3 pure waters including amazing mineral water, any natural hazards, the joys of our other wild “friends”, and the spiritual power of Medicine Springs Valley and Mt Shasta. This 30-45 min. orientation is required for all guests (will include a liability form) and should be scheduled the first day PM of your retreat.
Smaller Groups, Solos and Couples: Orientation and paperwork is required on arrival for all new guests.

Food Options: Solo, couple and group retreats make a variety of choices, from providing for themselves, bringing their own cooks, restaurants, and caterers.  We can consult with your staff, to share our experience, let you know of local natural foods stores and restaurants and recommend some local responsible caterers of healthy, delicious meals.

The Good News: After your first stay at Flowing Waters, all the above details make sense and become very easy!  Many of our groups, solos, and couples have been returning for multiple years now, since we opened 6 years ago.  Some guides call it their “Aum” home. They return for the Beauty, the warm feeling of a lovely home, the peace, pure waters and wind in the trees.

Just A bit more: Please read “How to Reserve“.  The rental agreement with further details may be emailed.